March 3, 2024


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Mariah Carey's ex Brian Tanaka is breaking his silence about the 'mutual' breakup.

Mariah Carey's ex Brian Tanaka is breaking his silence about the 'mutual' breakup.

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Previous Brian Tanaka speaks publicly about the split…

Mutual separation.

Mariah Careythe previous, Brian TanakaHe breaks his silence on their breakup… which he claims was a “mutual” breakup.

The singer's backup dancer posted a lengthy statement on Tuesday, beginning by saying, “Our decision to embark on different paths is mutual, and as we navigate these separate journeys, we do so with deep respect and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the invaluable time we've shared.” “

He goes on to say that the memories they shared over their 7 years together will always be “engraved in my heart” – expressing love for “Maria and her wonderful children, whose warmth and kindness have enriched my life in ways that words cannot express.”

“The outpouring of love and support from my fans has been a beacon of strength, and I am so grateful for the encouragement that continues to lift me up,” Brian concluded.

While Bryan says the split is mutual, this statement appears to be coming Just From him, not both – which means Mariah has yet to speak publicly about the breakup.

As we mentioned, Mariah and Brian started dating in 2016… but reports claimed that Brian was looking to have children with Mariah, but the MC wasn't on the same page.

In the period leading up to the initial reports, Maria Spotted on a solo shopping trip In Aspen, Colorado…apparently signaling her return to the market, because he's usually by her side when they head up the mountain.

He's also been noticeably absent from her shows, even though Mariah is currently on tour… so that seems to be the reason.

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