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The 22-year-old WWE star wins his first match in 168 days on the latest show

The 22-year-old WWE star wins his first match in 168 days on the latest show

On the most recent edition of WWE NXT, Cora Jade took on Carmen Petrovic, which was her first singles match since July.

After the bell rang, Jade pushed Petrovic. The latter then asked the former WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Champion what she wanted, but she was pushed again. Cora went for a punch, but Carmen blocked it and hit her opponent with a kick followed by a heel kick.

Cora Jade sent Carmen Petrovic into the corner and nailed her with multiple shoulder blocks. Jade hit Carmen with a knee to the face in the corner, CM Punk style. Cora elbowed her opponent in the back while she was resting on the ropes, resulting in a two count. She then hit Petrovic with a series of kicks in the corner. Cora Jade hit Carmen with another kick, stopping her after she tried to fight back.

Korra went for a kick again, but no one was home, leading to her being taken down. Carmen hit her opponent with a hurricanrana kick and got a two count. Cora then surprised Petrovic by sending her into the ropes. She hit her with a DDT to win the match. This was the first time Cora had won a televised singles match since she defeated Kehlani Jordan in July.

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