May 30, 2024


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Middle school students have fun learning English

Middle school students have fun learning English

On Monday, all sixth grade students of Louis-Pasteur College participated in an interactive play in English with Ma Langue au chat.

Like last year, the English teachers went to Perair Space with the sixth graders to attend and participate in a play in English led by three English-speaking actors, Bella, Mark and Jack.

The hour-long program allowed youngsters to immerse themselves in the English language and have fun. A lucky few went on stage to participate in a fashion show in English and colour, while others had their portraits taken!

At the end of the show, middle school students participated in “workshops” and enjoyed fun activities in English organized by the cast. It all ended with a question-and-answer session by the students and a signing session.

“Once again, the experience was a success. Our students discovered the language while having fun and came away with joy and respect for having succeeded in participating,” the three teachers rejoice.

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