March 1, 2024


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My English Club is Palavas, a travelers' meeting place

My English Club is Palavas, a travelers' meeting place

The club is 33 years old and My English Club added “Palawas” to its name this year to clearly show its provenance.

Led by, among others, Jean-Paul Storey, President of the Society, and Sarah Bower, “Teacher”. They were a small group, but very active, this Wednesday, January 10, again.

The goal is to be able to speak

Temporarily housed in the Rudel Museum, they will return to the Maison du temps libre after the work is completed. Laure, Gérard, Jean-Paul, gathered around Sarah, preparing to resume their language exchanges on current topics, the holiday study meeting for an hour and a half.

Sarah Bower, from Nottingham, has been part of the team for 4 years. Aware of the difficulties in understanding and learning the language, which he experienced himself when he came to France, he focuses on friendship and trust. The goal is to communicate, and for this she works to overcome her fear of speaking. “This is an important first step and we practice English every day. My students need to feel comfortable and I can say that is success.”

Laure has been attending the club since last year.This retired Spanish teacher believes that mastery of English is essential for traveling abroad. “I wanted to deepen my knowledge since high school! I travel a lot, I need to understand the language better and understand myself. I just came back from Italy, believe me, knowledge of English is also very useful. There.”

For his part, Gerard was a student for 4 years. “I started from scratch, I decided to go to London alone, I had to communicate, it was educational, but not easy. After that, I progressed with Sarah, working on my pronunciation problems and my vocabulary. . Now I am not afraid of traveling, we are my Going to discover other countries with the wife, we are returning from Vienna and Budapest. Tours in Azores are also in English!” “That's good for neurons!” They say together.

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Information: [email protected] or 07 82 47 82 05. Price: €250 per year + €20 contribution. Course duration is one and a half hours each week, Wednesday or Thursday depending on level, beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Practice during school holidays.

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