March 1, 2024


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Art workshops in English at Oloron

Art workshops in English at Oloron

Much to his surprise, he offered to buy and exhibit his works. “I've always drawn, preferably in cafes, because I need animation around me to create. I have a vital need to connect with people”.

But it was during the birth of these girls that he developed his painting skills. Through meetings and opportunities, he settled in Oloron two and a half years ago. Goddard is a space that revolves around art, a space for creation, welcoming the public, selling and exhibiting, which leaves room for spontaneity.

In paintings and drawings in oil, ink, acrylic or pastel, the artist mixes different techniques for greater freedom. “I like to create colorful works, inspired by the Roaring Twenties (1920s), American Indians and the strength, power and history of nature”Karin Derbe, who specializes in paintings, underlines the importance of translating emotion through art.

The Oloronese artist also likes to set up sessions “Happy Paint” (Happy Painting in English): A painting class over a glass of wine or juice. A chance to spend a friendly moment around a passion for art.

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