March 3, 2024


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No forced drama in English

No forced drama in English

We, students of Class 5E at Saint-Laurent Institute (Marche-en-Famenne), have decided to launch this petition to express our disagreement and our concerns about the decision to impose drama in English. Audience of 140 by our English teacher. Our initiative aims to highlight several important points:

  1. Respect for Academic Examinations: We chose not to take the theater option at school and we strongly believe that it is unfair to impose a theater program in English on us without this pre-choice.

  2. Unpreparedness: We are not ready for the English program. This can affect not only the quality of our performance, but also our confidence and comfort on stage.

  3. Language Proficiency Level: Some of us do not have the required level of English to perform a play in front of such a large audience, which may compromise the understanding and interpretation of the play.

  4. Protecting Artistic Integrity: We appreciate the performing arts, but feel it is important to do it as part of our electives. It protects the artistic integrity and quality of the performances.

  5. Student Welfare: Some of us may feel stressed and nervous at the thought of performing in English in front of a large audience. We believe in putting student welfare first.

  6. Considering future aspirations: The choice not to pursue a theater option can be linked to different future aspirations and we should have the right to follow our own preferences and interests.

By starting this petition, we seek to establish an open dialogue with our English teacher to find a solution that respects our personal preferences while meeting academic needs. We believe in an educational approach that promotes mutual understanding and respect for individual aspirations. We hope this petition will pave the way for a constructive discussion and a just solution.

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