March 3, 2024


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Nashville prosecutors drop charges against country singer Chris Young

Nashville prosecutors drop charges against country singer Chris Young

Prosecutors on Friday dropped all charges against country music singer Chris Young in connection with an altercation with an Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent at a Nashville bar.

“After reviewing all of the evidence in this case, the District Attorney’s Office has determined that these charges will be dismissed,” said Glenn R. Funk, Nashville District Attorney, He said in a statement.

Mr. Young, 38, was charged with disorderly conduct, assault on an officer and resisting arrest after the incident on Monday night.

“Mr. Young and I are relieved by the prosecutor’s decision clearing him of the charges and any wrongdoing,” Bill Ramsey, the musician’s lawyer, said in a statement.

The episode that led to the charges occurred while Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents were checking IDs at the DawgHouse Saloon, a downtown bar. Mr. Young was accused of battery on a customer, according to an arrest affidavit filed in criminal court in Nashville. The agents handcuffed Mr. Young after he did not comply with their commands, the affidavit says.

Representatives for Mr. Young previously shared surveillance footage showing the singer was standing next to the bar when customers walked by.

In the video, as a customer walks by, Mr. Young puts his hand on him, walks back with the customer and appears to say something. The video shows the customer pushing Mr. Young with both hands, causing Mr. Young to stagger backwards and hit his back on the corner of the bar counter, causing him to fall briefly.

Then he gets up, raises both hands in the air, and walks backwards away from the customers.

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Mr. Young rose to stardom after winning the country music reality competition “Nashville Star” in 2006, and his second album, “The Man I Wanna Be,” released in 2009, also reached No. 1. Platinum Sales mark in the United States. He's been a familiar presence on the Billboard country charts ever since.

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