July 23, 2024


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Need to improve your English?  The Wall Street English method will help you!

Need to improve your English? The Wall Street English method will help you!

Wall Street English has developed a unique and powerful method of learning English that involves learning the language by recreating the process that allows children to learn their mother tongue. Immerse yourself in using a video series inspired by “friends” and other multimedia tools, a highly structured method where nothing is likely.

In fact, the problem for many Wall Street English students who want to learn or improve their English is clear: Despite learning the language for many years in school, their English was not considered satisfactory in getting a job. Get ready for the entrance exams for international school, grow professionally or exchange with new people while traveling abroad!

You are not alone in this situation! Discover the English system developed by Wall Street English, which allows you to learn the languageTo improve Really your expression and ability to understand! The idea of ​​the Wall Street English method is as follows: first you listen, then you repeat, then finally practice. As soon as you get the sounds, you read the grammar.

Not learning a language but practicing: That is why speaking is a pillar of our learning system. In fact, 65% of your time is devoted to listening and speaking English, 35% devoted to grammatical theory. The Wall Street English system has 20 different levels, suitable for everyone.

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