April 23, 2024


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Net worth comparison of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Net worth comparison of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

NFL schedule reads week 5. But for “Swifties” or Kansas City Chiefs fans, it’s Week 4 All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce and Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift are paired together.

Swift has been at several games now, cheering on the Chiefs and Kelce, with whom she is now romantically linked. They are both already rich and worth millions. But one question now arises: who has the highest net worth?

Taylor Swift Net Worth: How much is the country/pop singer worth?

Is Swift a billionaire now, with all the accolades and endorsements she’s received? According to To ForbesHer net worth for 2023 now stands at $740 million, and her finances have increased over the past decade.

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In 2020, Swift is worth $550 million. Then this number rose to $570 million, and now it is close to $800 million. She got there by releasing consistent No. 1 albums in her music career that began at the age of sixteen.

Which now leads to another question: How much more does she make than Kelsey?

What is Travis Kelce’s net worth?

Kelce is already a millionaire but earns much less than Swift.

The two-time Super Bowl winner has Net worth: $30 million. For his play, Kelsey earns an average annual salary of $14,312,500. For 2023, Kelce will earn a base salary of $11,250,000.

He remains under a four-year deal paying up to $57.25 million. But still, with the money he makes as a perennial Pro Bowler and now multiple Super Bowl winner, one might think Kelce is extremely underpaid.

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However, the Chiefs captain said back in June 2023 that it was okay to be underpaid.

“My managers and agents love to tell me how low my salary is,” Kelsey said in an interview. With Vanity Fair. But he added: “I think the free market sounds fun until you go somewhere and you don’t win. I like winning. I like the situation I’m in.”

He’s clearly loving this other mode he’s in — one that includes Swift being in the picture.

While Swift has a higher net worth, Kelsey has seen a significant rise in her social media followers. Kelce now has more than three million followers on his Instagram account after he was spotted with Swift following the Chiefs’ Week 3 show for the Chicago Bears.