April 18, 2024


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Netflix’s Most Popular English Language Movies & Series – December 13-19. Witcher is the best!

The Witcher Event of December 2021. Therefore, the premiere of Season 2 is the most popular English language series in the world, receiving the best viewership score in the millions of hours viewed on the service. What’s more, this reputation of the platform’s success was also translated into the high ratings of the first season because many viewers decided to brush it off or enjoy it for the first time.

Netflix – Top 10 English Language Series

Each topic is assigned a total number of viewing times. Cobra Guy Season 4, which will be screened on the last day of 2021, will be the most popular series in The Witcher for a few weeks, at least if it wants to enter the list stage.

Netflix – Top 10 English Language Movies

Here, Sandra Bullock is the queen of drama. Unforgivable. Netflix’s biggest movie, Red Note, still tops the list. It is clear that the holiday season is a gift to audiences around the world because there are so many Christmas movies in TOP 10, but only two are new.

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