June 25, 2024


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Nvidia and ARM have been targeted by the new UK government investigation

ARM and Nvidia may soon be subject to a second hearing by English competition officials.

Last August, British authorities investigated ARM’s case following Nvidia’s acquisition First trial. But this first trial seems endless; Second phase investigation Will be explicitly in the plan, and may be announced early next week.

As a reminder, Nvidia 2020 chose to buy ARM from Japanese Softbank in the fall. This historic deal between two major companies in the industry has exploded. Strong reactions From industry. For good reason: ARM holds a unique place in the tech world. It is a neutral and strategic hub Technology is essential to many colossi Like Qualcomm, Apple or Samsung to make their own chips.

By acquiring the founder, Nvidia will not only buy back its technology; According to its competitors, the Green team will offer a post above all else Dominating. In principle, Nvidia can Rain and shine In the world of technology ARM threatens to shut off the valve. The company actively defended itself, but this opportunity was enough to bring the matter back into the political sphere. Policymakers are now concerned about the potential national security implications.

Six months before the final verdict?

Based on information from Reuters And Engadget, The second phase lasts about six months. It aims to put an end to procrastination. Ideally, this will make it possible for competition officials to decide once and for all whether they want to Maintain or prevent contract between two hardware companies.

By May 2022, we will finally know whether ARM will go under the green flag, especially under what conditions. Because according to Reuters, a mediator is quite possible; The commission responsible for the investigation can verify the repurchase, however With some restrictions. Nvidia is optimistic about anything. One of his spokesmen announced Engadget The company will continue to work with the British government to clear these doubts. He also explains that this second theoretical stage will allow the manufacturer to “show in detail” how effective this union will be for the competition. See you next spring to learn other soap operas.

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