July 14, 2024


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Pamiers.  Lycée Pyrene: The missing English teacher arrives

Pamiers. Lycée Pyrene: The missing English teacher arrives

Many parents began to lose patience. The English teacher who has been missing since the beginning of Lycée Pyrène is coming today. The Chief did not hide some of the difficulties in recruiting “remotely” from Toulouse.

We have to admit that joining the Rectorate is complicated. This was one of the reasons why the mother of a high school student in Byrne contacted the editorial staff to warn of the absence of an English teacher since the beginning of the September school year. And the Abamys are far from alone in this matter, because the shortage of teachers is real in many cities of the field (Our version is November 10th)

“During the parent / teacher meeting we expressed our concerns, but we were told that if we knew someone who knew English he should come to the reception! I contacted the Rectorate in Toulouse, Foix. Each time it stopped. After a few minutes, he was in high school. This appaman explains to his daughter.

“Especially this age group is an important subject .. She came home the next day telling me Apparently, we do not have English all year round. This is not normal. I know a mother who is very upset that her daughter wants to learn foreign languages ​​… “, she continued, insisting that half of her daughter’s class benefit from the popular courses in question.” I was told. He explained that the half-class system did not allow my daughter to join the group.

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When contacted, none other than the most important high school in Ariège, the principal of Pyrene, is not ashamed, on the contrary. “There are difficulties in recruiting, it’s true. The farther you move from Toulouse, the more complex it seems to me to attract. Even if it’s at home next door! “There, we were in a bunch of temporary sources, which means that position is not static. But that position must be changed this Monday, November 15. “