June 19, 2024


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Nvidia pushes fixes for a buggy Android 11 Shield TV update last month

Nvidia pushes fixes for a buggy Android 11 Shield TV update last month

Today, Nvidia’s Shield TV got some software fixes with the release of the Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0.1 (Via 9to5Google), which is a much needed correction Version 9.0 buggy last month Based on Android 11. Nvidia Publishing Release Notes In its forum today, which details some of the reforms and details in other function Some known issues still lurking in the update.

The biggest fix of this group fixes major Plex Media Server issues and deals with file access permissions that changed as part of the transition to Android 11. This stable release follows about a month after the company rolled out smaller hotfix patches to brave willing users to put their Shield TV devices down. Their for beta versions.

But not everything was fixed: by the release of the third hotfix, some new problems appeared, including Ultra-slow file transfers Between an attached storage device and network file transfer via SMB. Nvidia File Transfer Performance Issues are included List of known issues with 9.0.1Although there is a problem with Wi-Fi disconnecting due to interfering networks, the company notes that it can be resolved by turning off Wi-Fi roaming.

The Android 11 upgrade would have been Nvidia’s love letter to Shield TV users The company cares about support Its product is for the long haul – but the introduction of a buggy program derailed the hard work users put into their media settings. Users loved Shield TV’s flexibility to build highly customized media libraries using Kodi and Plex to emulate video games.

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Since the program debuted, Nvidia’s Shield TV Twitter post for the trial has been 9.0 bombed With over a hundred complaints from frustrated users. At least one user They mentioned that they tried to buy a new Shield TV as a rollback, but that the device would automatically update to 9.0.

If you have a Shield TV, look for the update notification for Shield Experience version 9.0.1 ( that is now rolling out.