July 21, 2024


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Oh God She’s Parisian!, a one-woman show by Julie Colas in English

Oh God She’s Parisian!, a one-woman show by Julie Colas in English

God she’s Parisian! 100% show in English by comedian Julie Colas. La Parisienne plays at Theater Beau Saint Martin until July 13, 2024.

God she’s Parisian! The perfect show for those who want to unravel the mysteries of Parisian life! If you live in Paris but you don’t feel “Parisian” yet, or if you want to understand the sometimes enigmatic citizens of the capital, A girl show in English of Julie Colas waiting for you Bo Saint-Martin Theatre Until July 13, 2024.

Julie Colas, a true Parisian, takes you through a typical day in Paris from morning to evening. called in French, God she’s Parisian!program Rejects Paris By Emily in Paris And shows the true side of the city of light. You can learn more about expressions like “French kiss”. The A one-woman show Interspersed with mimes and songs, making the show lively and interactive. show 100% In English So accessible to French people and foreigners, it’s time to lower the language barrier!

The comedian has already attracted more than 25,000 viewers with his first film A one-woman show In French, I rethought everything to make it In English. For residents of Paris or people passing through the capital, God she’s Parisian! of Julie Colas You’ll want to leave with new knowledge about the city and Parisian customs.

Julie Collas, He did not have a unique career path, as he worked as a lawyer in various legal departments of large CAC 40 groups until the age of 39, when he experienced a turning point during the horrific attacks of November 13, 2015. Just a short dream.”

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Idea of ​​the show God she’s Parisian! It was born out of a book he started writing about Paris and Parisian life, which he finally decided to turn. A one-woman show. Julie Colas He performed his show for the first time in January 2017 in front of over 200 people and it quickly became a huge hit! She crosses the road Bo Saint-Martin Theatre in September 2017 and continues to produce his show there.

God she’s Parisian! Exhibited at Bo Saint-Martin Theatre In 3rd District From Paris, Until July 13, 2024.

Illustrative image Illustrative image Illustrative image A one-man show and a one-woman show are still coming up in Paris
In the Parisian comedy scene, many talents are discovered in Parisian stand-up rooms, only to return to the stage with their own one-man/woman show. A chance to discover your favorite comedians on stage. [Lire la suite]