May 26, 2024


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Old Saint-Antonine-Noble-Wall Friends: Conference in English on Pigeon Lines

The next conference of the friends of Old Saint-Antonine (Savsa) on Friday 24th September will be its theme: “Pigeon Coats of the Region”. Its original character should be pronounced in English, not to pour into the anglophony, but to attract a large public interest in our activities.

Friends of the Viax Saint-Antonine community and its English-speaking members often like to join its conferences and activities. This request will take the form of a conference in English on a topic of interest to all of us: pigeon coats, what we see around Saint-Antonin, and widely in Occitania. Why and how did they work? What are their roles: a living pantry, a drug cabinet or a fertilizer factory?

To approach the subject in this way, Sawcha Welcome, Friday, September 24 at 6 p.m.

Sometimes “the French speak English” (La Debach, March 2014). We expect a speaker to speak to both.

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