July 14, 2024


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English courses for adults with English are fun

English courses for adults with English are fun

If you want to learn English, improve or improve your performance with the association’s workshops “English is fun!” Adults are for you. Compiled by Sylvie Deuce, they will launch again at the end of September. After several months of distance learning, for its fifth year, the association said “English is fun!” Mason des Associations de Lannemason can offer you back its English language learning workshops, while respecting prohibition gestures.

In this New Year’s plan, there is always a wide range of lessons, themes and activities. If the required points of grammar and syntax are included, we will quickly understand by attending a workshop that we are far from the school system.

Sylvie Deuce invites you to tackle a variety of subjects in a fun way, thanks to the teaching passion she has gained as a teacher and already a professional trainer for six years.

Here, you can, at your own pace, in a sober and compassionate environment, allow each participant to dare to let others speak beyond their personal goals and finally express themselves in English. It works!

Icing on cake, the association offers participants in its workshops a trip to implement everything discussed at the end of the year. Workshops are held at the Maison des Associations in Lannemeson. Information – Contact: Sylvie Ducès Tel. : Where [email protected].

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