April 18, 2024


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English at Millaw MJC

BWhen a language is adapted to one’s personal plan, one’s environment, one’s interest, one learns a language well. MJC de Millaw Provides an innovative linguistic function for all audiences: ” English entertainment “For Elementary and Kindergarten Children,” Tea time “For Middle and High School Students” English adults Ages 18 to 99.

Learning a foreign language is like discovering other sounds, another linguistic system, another logic of thought. The sooner a child hears sounds that ignore his own language, the easier it will be to recognize and reproduce them later.

This is why the English interval has been raising awareness for children since 1989. They have discovered language through various activities such as games, songs, stories and cooking for example.

Express yourself in the appropriate language

As part of tea time, young college students have a different approach to Shakespeare’s language, with sessions taking place to allow each to express themselves and adapt to the language. Exchanges take place in harmony and open-minded young people welcome young Englishmen who benefit from school exchanges.

Practice English in a fun way around a cup of tea in small groups of 10 participants, learning helps greatly.

As for English for adults, the sessions are presented at different levels, allowing different discussion topics to see the extended vocabulary and absorb the language.

The reception of many Anglo-Saxons living in the area allows for a rich and very pleasant exchange. You are given a test session. Welcome!

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