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'Out of Control' Prices Spark Social Media After $24 Receipt for a Burger, Fries and a Small Drink Goes Viral

'Out of Control' Prices Spark Social Media After $24 Receipt for a Burger, Fries and a Small Drink Goes Viral

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Does valet parking and VIP seating come with this as well?

A Five Guys restaurant's bacon cheeseburger and fries has caused a stir on social media, puzzling many as to why the combo would cost a customer nearly $25.

a User account on X He exposed the popular fast food restaurant by posting a receipt he found on Reddit showing that the bacon cheeseburger alone cost $12.49.

The Five Guys receipt shows, the cheeseburger is only $12.49 off everything else. Wall Street Silver/X

“Five Guys prices are out of control,” User X wrote. “$24 for one person.”

The receipt showed an order of a bacon cheeseburger costing $12.49, one soda at $2.89, and small fries at $5.19 — all of which came to $21.91.

Even more interesting was the tip spotted on the receipt for $2.19.

Another takeaway from the Five Guys order was the questionable tip the customer paid. AP

“I think I was expecting about $12-$15 per person at Five Guys. $22 (without tip) seems to be over the top. How much is an appropriate amount these days? “The post, which has more than 25 million views, commented on


“This doesn't take into account how overrated they are. $10 should be able to get you a fancy burger from an upscale place. A drink and fries plus $5,” one person said.

Fans on social media expressed their anger over the matter, with many saying the restaurant was too overpriced to charge those kind of prices. Ciba USA via AP

One response read: “Split this meal with a friend and then go for a walk.”

Other users focused their anger on the party.

“What do you tip anyway?” someone asked.

“Five Guys is about ordering and paying at the counter. Why was confidential information included?” said another.

As inflation continues to rock the country and Americans' wallets, rising prices at fast food restaurants have gained significant national attention.

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One couple has gone viral after sharing their money-saving trick on how to beat inflation-era prices at Five Guys.

“Next time you're at Five Guys, just order a double cheeseburger with all the toppings,” an account the couple runs called @nateandsaraheats. She revealed in the clip on TikTok, which has been viewed more than 222,000 times.

A couple named Nate and Sarah let viewers in on a little secret by instructing them to start ordering an extra bun on the side with a request to turn it into two cheeseburgers.

They then demonstrated live how to turn a double patty into two cheeseburgers, taking the two patties and transferring them to the second bun.

“This is two meals for less than half the price of buying them separately,” they said.

And just last week, Wendy's had to clarify an Uber-style “dynamic pricing” announcement — which said the cost of menu items would fluctuate throughout the day based on demand.

The term was used in connection with Uber's model of prices rising when demand is high, but a Wendy's spokesperson narrowed down the ad.

“To be clear, Wendy's will not be implementing surge pricing, which is the practice of raising prices when demand is at its highest,” Heidi Schauer said.

“There are no plans to do so and we will not raise prices when our customers visit us more often,” she added.

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