July 21, 2024


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Palma.  They learn to speak English and Spanish while having fun

Palma. They learn to speak English and Spanish while having fun

This association offers to learn English and Spanish using a fun method.

“Hubler Mucho, Reir Mucho”. For Valerie López, head of the Spanish group of the ECPL Association (Listen, Understand and Speak Languages), learning to express yourself in Cervantes’s language comes first in speaking and laughing. “That’s why we play by working on memory, there’s also a cognitive dimension and mutual aid,” he emphasizes. A policy taken by the English-speaking section led by Olivier Chauvelot, he notes: “It is important to develop verbal skills that everyone can cope with in a travel situation or in everyday life.”

“I started from zero”

ECPL has been offering this teaching method since its creation in 2011, initially in English only, adding Spanish verbiage a year ago. Valerie Lopez adds: “We like to learn in a good atmosphere and without judgment.” Learning that ECPL students can easily implement in the Toulouse area, home to nearly 60,000 people of Spanish origin. “I started from scratch. I was first looking for someone to understand who spoke to me in Spanish. Also, we have a lot of fun and I’m glad to come,” says Frédéric, who has just finished his first year. ‘ECPL. The same observation about Christian: “I started learning Spanish here, and now I can.” Also, to guarantee everyone’s peaceful progress, working groups are limited to no more than ten people.

It’s time for summer vacation, a chance for students to test their new language skills while on vacation abroad.

Registrations are open for the resumption of classes in September (adults) at the municipal campus at 40 avenue Saint-Martin de Boville in Palma. Spanish: Thursday 9am to 10:30am (Beginner Level) and 10:30am to Noon (Intermediate Level). English: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons, and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Information for English: [email protected]. For Spanish: [email protected]

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