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Learn English while playing?  It’s possible with “my balloon my brain”… let’s explain

Learn English while playing? It’s possible with “my balloon my brain”… let’s explain

Roxane and Jérôme Charrier, who arrived in the South six years ago from Île-de-France, decided to form an association that would unite them. He is an English teacher and he is a former top athlete. (1).

Founded by these parents of four, the young group, which celebrates its first anniversary in August, aims to provide quality education and sports programs to all, including children with special educational needs. (2).

Together, they set up the system Bring your classroom to the field (translate to “bring your class to the field”), which replaces traditional English learning within their sports club and thus on the field (now a pocket gymnasium) on Saturday mornings.

Inclusive and inclusive groups

Through her training in language and learning disorders, Roxanne expands her practice of: “We welcome young children with wadi, attention deficit disorder and some children with autism. Parents actively cooperate with us to adapt the activities to the specific needs of each child. We also offer an art package in English chosen by young people with autism (between 18 years. and 30 years) with the Gem Kozion Association, To make this language accessible to all, not just an elite, depending on Korydis”.

“Our programs welcome children ages 3 to 11, in groups of fifteen children supervised by three to four leaders, including three civic services. To help us in this mission, we are looking for motivated young people in civic service, and we are currently in the process of increasing our enrollment from 30 to 100 next academic year. The process of raising, Appreciates the education manager.

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A head full of thoughts

Thanks to the support of the department and our connection with the first multisport federation of France, we will work from September in schools and recreation centers in La Cheyne, Toulon and Six-Fours as part of the English school project, he responded to the call for policy plans of the city of La Cheyne to work in the school environment”, Roxane Charrier explains.

At the beginning of the academic year in September, the association plans to extend its activities with serial books and additional one-hour breaks on Wednesdays, at the request of parents. In discussions with English schools, the partnership aims to create “summer camps” that allow for cultural exchanges between older children, French and English children.

1. Roxane graduated from the University of London’s Faculty of Education and Society (World No. 1 in this field for eleven years) and the National Institute for Higher Training and Research in Inclusive Education in Specific Language and Learning Disorders.

Jérôme is a former high-level handball player and former coach of La Cheyne Club.

2. Annual rate: 150 to 170 euros.

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