April 18, 2024


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What are the solutions to learn English easily?

There are many ways to learn English outside of school (more than limited, let’s face it …), in a fun or more formal way: watch the series in the original version, chat with foreign friends, use an app on your mobile or Take English courses online. Although we find a lot of ways to learn, we have retained 4 ways to learn English.

Watch the series / movies in their original version

It’s a immersive form that works very well and is a lot of fun, especially among young people. Learning without realizing it is so much better. You hear conversations in English and your brain learns automatically. So there is a good technique to look at Series or films in English Finish by removing them to the final stage with French subtitles to begin with and finally English subtitles. This is a method that works very well, fun, for free, but it will last a very long time.

Find a language partner (social networks, voice gaming mate, etc.)

When we were in school, some of us got to know foreign writers, with whom we came in contact mainly through writing. But thanks to new technologies, you can easily communicate with the whole world through social networks or even have voice chats with your video game buddy. This is a good method, but as before, it can be long, for example you do not learn grammar.

Use the online application

There are more, some are good and some are not good, some will work with you, some are not. On the other hand, apps provide additional frameworks for your learning and allow you to learn faster. Unfortunately, a Application Your English speaking ability may not be assessed orally, so they can be a good help, but generally very limited.

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Take an online course with a teacher

I personally think this is a great way to learn a language quickly and progress healthily, even if on the other hand it is a very expensive solution. A teacher who is dedicated to your learning, who can help you adjust in real time and progress in the areas you need, is nothing better than that. Granted, it comes at a cost, but if you press the time to learn English effectively, it is clearly one of the best options.