June 18, 2024


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At 230 km / h at an Englishman … on a saw!

Suzuki broke the world Lanmover speed record by reaching 230km / h in an Englishman with a motorcycle engine.

That’s one New post! Reached by Englishman Tony Edwards At a speed of 230 km / h on his mower! Officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, this record required 2 years of preparation. In fact, his sawmill is not really like all of Mr. and Mrs. Is under its lid 1300cc Suzuki Motorcycle Engine! Thanks to him, the previous record of 214 km per hectare can be broken.

26,000 conversion

The change was not made simply, after all, it was particularly expensive. The new record holder announcedHe invested about $ 30,000 or almost € 26,000 in it. But as he tells the sun, he has no regrets about the time and money spent: “I’m really happy. It took a lot of effort and it took two years of work.”.

This is still a sawing machine!

The sawmill today looks more like a quad than a lawn mower. However, to confirm the record, Garden maintenance should always be possible. It was interesting to check out the Guinness Book of World Records the next day at Tony Edwards’ garden. The achievement of the world’s fastest harvesting machine was later confirmed.

To erase this moment, The 57-year-old man filmed himself on-board camera He picked up his super lawn mower at 230km / h on the runway at Elvington Airfield.

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