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Parcoursup and English: What are the rules?

Parcoursup and English: What are the rules?

What level of English is required for Parcoursup?

Although the expected level of English at the end of high school is B2 level or advanced intermediate for CEFR (European Framework for Languages), Parcoursup does not require an overall level. In fact, it is training courses, each in its own right, that can impose a minimum level, for example, if a part of the courses takes place in English. So it all depends on the choices you make.

Nothing beats test results to check your language level for Parcoursup! Don't hesitate to provide them with the CEFR equivalents: an A1 level for a beginner user, an A2 level for a rough beginner, a B1 level for an independent user, a B2 level for an advanced intermediate user, a C1 level for an experienced user, and a C2 level for a bilingual user. . The marks you get in the English tests (Compulsory English or Special English (LLCE English)) and the future form completed by your teachers will indicate your position.

Which English Test for Parkoursup?

Parcoursup has many English tests useful to prove your level: Toeic (Test of English for International Communication), Cambridge Test, IELTS (International English Language Testing System)… It's best to check the requirements. To provide your target training courses and relevant test results: this will improve your application for these training courses.

What English courses are available at Parcoursup?

Parcoursup has more than 500 courses related to the English language, most of which are at the bac +3 level at university. For example, whether you have an Applied Foreign Language license, an LLCER license (Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Civilizations), an Economics and Management license with enhanced language courses, a dual law/applied foreign language license, etc. As usual, it all depends on your professional and academic goals. .

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