March 2, 2024


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Wall Street English: Student Testimony #2

Wall Street English: Student Testimony #2

In Dijon and Salon, they are the “number one” to learn English, whether you are a young person retraining or a retiree looking to travel. Wall Street English Centers have a proven method to help their students progress. These pages bear witness to that
In every issue… like a little notebook!

student card
Name: Billinet
First Name: Maritime
Age: 24 years
Occupation: Student
Training period : 1 year
Her rating before training: 6/20

“Until high school, I tended to keep English aside. At university, I studied Legal English. Then I wanted to take the entrance exam for the National School of Magistrates and my level was not good enough. I travel abroad a lot, but I had to study the basics, especially the oral exam is very demanding. I progressed a lot because of the personalized support, and I loved the 5 or 6 person max design. After training, I went to live abroad for three months and will return at the end of the year before starting my career as a lawyer next year. I know today that there are additional properties to promote. »

student card
Name: Fish
First Name: Maxim
Age: 50 years
Occupation: Business Manager
Training period : 8 months
Her rating before training: 12/20

“When I stopped my career as a professional footballer, I created two companies: SportUnit, a sports communications company based in Dijon, and WishOne, a bicycle brand in Milla. Throughout my career, I had a decent level of English, but business negotiations. I felt real gaps in conducting. I am in constant contact with European or Asian partners, and I need to be a step ahead. I followed the market leader program, I was in contact with diverse and high-quality coaches. Above all, I benefited from real flexibility in my schedule, which is essential for a business manager. .After completing my training, I went to Utah, USA for an event organized by a WishOne partner and measured the effectiveness of the work done. »

“I left the school system early, but I always loved learning, especially new languages. English offers a lot of opportunities, which is essential for travel, but I also have a plan to distract me in the back of my mind, which I'm sure is a plus. I've tried many methods to learn English, and each The method is also failure… The most difficult thing for me is not to give up. The personalized support of Wall Street English has done me good at this point, especially since I started during the covid crisis. I didn't speak a word, today I can understand, I can ask for directions when I'm abroad, You can sleep there, you can eat there. I am proud.”

student card
Name: Giroux
First Name: Stephen
Age: 46 years
Job: Technical Staff Manager
Training period : 1 year
Her rating before training: 12/20

“I have been working for 20 years in a multinational company specializing in manufacturing heavy duty engines. I wanted to undergo Verification of Acquired Experience (VAE) to get engineering title. A high standard of English is required. I knew how to speak it, and I had the opportunity to go on a trip to America or China without using a translator, but I had to reach an additional milestone. My HR manager referred me to Wall Street English, with whom my company continues to work. I diligently pursued a one-year training course. Every day, thanks to distance learning systems, I limited myself to one hour of English and I made enormous progress. Try a little more and I can verify my plan. »