February 24, 2024


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Please in English!  A full semester in English at IUT TC in Moulins, from the beginning of the school year

Please in English! A full semester in English at IUT TC in Moulins, from the beginning of the school year

The Moulins (Allier) university campus, which brings together IUT and Inspé and has just 350 students, will open its doors to the public this Saturday. Opportunity to discuss projects including the creation of a semester in English.

The TC (Marketing Techniques) department of the IUT Clermont Auvergne will present its training and programs this Saturday, like Inspe (National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education). September marks the start of the school year, a semester entirely in English.
It will be awarded to third years of the Bachelor of Technology (BUT) program, with the first class graduating in June. From September, this semester (12 week courses) in the language of Shakespeare will be offered to students in the international business course. “We received funding from East Cape Art,” explains English teacher and head of international relations Claude Devoti.

The Moulins campus is a pilot site in the area for the development of sports activities for students

International opening

“For this first experience, with the intention of having more in the following years, we will welcome about ten foreign students. They will come from our partner countries: French Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Romania. These students will follow. , with Moulinois students, specific modules, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses aimed at promoting their integration.They will participate in professional programs.
This project has been carried out by IUT for many years and specifically aims to “create a model on campus, open up students internationally”. Other marketing IUTs have started offering semesters entirely in English. In some European countries, such as Spain and Germany, this practice has already been quite widespread for several years.

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New managers and new projects at the Moulins University campus

Fun university

At the academic level, the work-study program develops in the second and third years.
Moulins IUT will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary on October 18 and 19, 2024. Fabienne Berger, head of the TC department at Moulins, explains: “The 18th will be allocated to companies and the 19th will see thirty students. The promotions come together: the first had 21 students, the next 60, 80… was such a crowd expected?! Former teachers and partner organizations will also be invited to the Moulins Community Exhibition Centre.
The Moulins branch is also active in several long-term projects: an effort to bring together economic and social actors such as Fairground University, academics, elected officials and local authorities to envision development plans that can be generated from a territory. Students. After Ydes in Cantal and Brioude in Haute-Loire, Moulins will be the third city to host this university outside the walls. By working at the Marquis de la Fayette, the campus will participate in the Bourbonnais in Americas project, supported by the Allier Department Council and the Francophonie en Auvergne Bourbonnais Association.
Among the most traditional meetings to come from the IUT, the negotiations will take place on February 15: “Négotour” once again travels the roads of France, Belgium, Martinique, Switzerland and settles in Moulins in search of new talents. The talks will be organized for the 14th time at the University of Moulins campus. This competitive business internship will help students strengthen their negotiation skills and enrich their professional network.

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Complete PPPE license

InSPAIN, now headed by Michel Bellec, coincides with the first promotion of the September 2024 PPPE license (Preparatory Course for School Teaching), supported by the INSPAIN license and the Educational Sciences license of the University of Clermont Auvergne. A specific path to schooling. It is based at the Clermont Auvergne Academy, with courses held on campus and at Jean-Monnet High School. It is very attractive: last year, almost 800 applicants applied, for only 36 places.
Current projects of the National Higher Institute concern the organization of several conferences scheduled in the coming weeks: Children's Literature, Gender in Literature, and Kindergarten Teaching. But in conjunction with the cultural structures at the Moulins, a themed week for Master 1 is organized around the students' artistic and cultural journey.

Arian Bowhorse

Open doors.
The Moulins campus will open on Saturday, February 3. I.U.D., 9 am to 4 pm and Insp., 9 am to 2 pm. Students and faculty will show you around the campus. At IUT, this will be an opportunity to explore student programs (learning and assessment situations). In Inspe, Presentation of PPPE Training (Preparatory Course for School Teaching)?; Master MEEF training for 1st degree (Teaching, Education and Training Professions) with preparation for School Teaching Competition.
Services common to both companies. For the first time, Kruse (Regional Center for University and School Affairs) will be present. Students can also meet with Moulins' SIJ (Youth Information System, formerly PIJ) leaders to find out specifically about housing offers. Finally, an on-campus Student Development Office (BDE) will provide information about campus life. Higher education students have till March 14 to choose. At IUT, the pre-examination physical interviews, which are also done on file, are scheduled on May 2 and 3.
Looking for healthcare professionals. The campus has yet to find its nurse. Hence health services cannot be provided in the geographical area marked by medical desertification. The post to be filled is full time.

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