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Pokemon Go players blow up ‘trash’ in forced local raids

Pokemon Go players blow up ‘trash’ in forced local raids

published: 2023-10-29T17:24:14

Updated: 2023-10-29T17:24:24

The Pokemon Go community has taken to social media to criticize local raids that offer little guaranteed returns for their efforts.

Raids represent some of the most challenging encounters in the game and typically require a party of five or more to complete successfully on the highest difficulties. They are especially desirable for players due to useful item rewards and the opportunity to catch raid Pokémon after victory.

As it stands, some raids can be attended remotely, but others require players to be local to the raid location to participate. This has proven controversial among community members, and many would like to see local raids changed.

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Now, the post is on Redditmany expressed their frustration with the current system and expressed what they would like to see moving forward.

Shadow Lugia has increased pressure on local raids

The latest raid in the tournament allows players to encounter and capture the Legendary Shadow Lugia. As a 5-star Shadow Raid, it is local-only and requires a very strong team to defeat. One user took to Reddit to express his frustration, saying: “It took 2 hours to form a group large enough to do logia without struggling.”

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The difficulty of this is compounded by the fact that a catch is not a guarantee (unless it falls shiny).

Additionally, this issue disproportionately affects rural players who have less access to raid locations and groups large enough to complete them.

Another user agreed, noting: “If the Raid Boss only shows up for one weekend and we’re supposed to play the game by walking, make it possible for us to walk.”

Others were quick to share possible solutions, with one saying: “The solution for limited events like this, where you have a Raid in person, you should be able to complete the Raid multiple times in the same gym. In fact, this is the actual change that should be made.” Rural and even urban players have to pay for it.

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It’s unclear if developer Niantic has any plans to change the current system, but it’s clear that getting players to use the app as they want is high on the priority list.