February 25, 2024


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Port-la Novelle: New Activity for English Pool Billiards, Rivage D’Or

Port-la Novelle: New Activity for English Pool Billiards, Rivage D’Or

Siemens has provided its pool table at Rivage D’Or. Non-stop games in perspective.

Here is an opportunistic activity that the Rivage D’Or Club has now benefited from. Siemens, a humanitarian and social organization, formerly Mission de la Mer, which is in sailors’ transport in Port-au-Novel, broke away from its pool table. Laurent Rohardt, president of the association, volunteered to donate to the Rivage D’Or Club to establish it on the new campus. This is an English billiard table, as it is called in France Billiard flowerLand Black ball In the UK. It is played with 7 yellow balls and 7 red balls, one black ball and one white ball. The player who first puts his color team in 6 pockets and finishes putting the black ball in one pocket wins. “ For this very generous offer proposal, we first thought about the questions of profit-sharing and installation. But the new campus is spacious enough and creating a new additional functionality did not disappoint us. Christian Salas, the leader, reiterated his gratitude to the Siemens Association, saying that members of the Rivage d’Or should know only the basic and essential rules for starting a tournament.

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