June 25, 2024


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Published by British Government (2)

Long before leaving Europe, the British government has shown itself to be a bad partner, making promises that it does not respect, such as fishing and immigration.

Our Deputy Bertrand Ferrer, a member of the first Republican government since the 18th century in 1793, presents these people in their true light in his speeches in the Legislature and in a book entitled La Liberté des Mers or. Published by the English Government in 1798.

This minister monopolizes Great Britain’s treasures, forces, population and spirits by colonizing the three parts of the earth (the profits of the war they waged in Europe, the British invaded Corsica, Martinique ..) Destroy and dominate all the governments in Europe, destroy all moral principles and all sense of glory in his own country and destroy all the seeds. Freedom must extinguish all the principles of freedom, all the lights of philosophy in other peoples, destroy human rights, and destroy some, in the world, to the slightest trace.

But the press and France freely opposed it; The British Army, in its course, is tasked with stopping the catastrophic current and diverting the disasters *.

The evils that France suffered during the revolution were the work of the English government (introducing the wrong allocation to destroy the economy, providing weapons to Wendy’s rebels …).

The alliance of Europe against our freedom is the result of his maneuver.

The unjust and cruel war he did not wage against us was the result of his wealth.

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Our domestic contradictions and our moral depravity are the result of his artistic and fanatical policy.

The only occupier of this civil war was the British government (Bonaparte was attacked in other conflicts in Europe in Egypt and France).

He was the only poison of the European revolution; He is the constant enemy of the peace of Europe and the prosperity of France (submarines, immigrants, fishermen’s issue) … ”

To be continued.

* The plan to invade England will be abandoned again.