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How English football player Daniel Sturridge’s dog found himself in the middle of a legal battle

Instagram / Daniel Sturridge

How Daniel Sturridge’s dog found himself at the center of the legal case

Unusual – there are beautiful Christmas stories, and then some more … amazing ones. Like a dog named Lucy Footballer British media reported, including the Englishman Daniel Sturridge, who found himself at the center of a legal issue resolved on December 24. BBC.

It all started in July 2019. Daniel Sturridge started SOS on social media to find his dog Lucy, who was stolen during a burglary at his home in Los Angeles. “We are ready to give anything for the dog. $ 20,000, $ 30,000, whatever, ”the footballer promises.

A few days later, good news. Daniel Sturridge was contacted on social media by an internet user – who portrays himself as a rapper by the name of Killa Fame – who claims to have discovered the animal.

Daniel Sturridge retrieves his dog, and the affair may have ended there but … According to the rapper, Daniel Sturridge never gave him the promised reward. Killa Fame explained to the British newspaper PA Media that he felt “abandoned” by the footballer when the dog was handed over. “When I found the dog, I thought my life would be better,” he said, but it wasn’t.

Sturridge was fined $ 30,000

He therefore decided to sue in court, and the verdict was handed down on Friday, December 24, documents released on Twitter show.

Daniel Sturridge was fined $ 30,000 and ordered to pay $ 85 in interest. “I’m happy with this decision. I’m been fighting this case for over a year and I can not believe it’s over,” Killa Fame told PA Media.

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Daniel Sturridge, who is currently playing in Australia, did not appear for the trial. But on social media, he responded to the lawsuit by claiming that he had paid the person who found his dog and was angry that his dog theft was “trying to take advantage of people”.

“On this Christmas day you will know the truth. I met a boy, he found my dog ​​and rewarded him. He was just as happy to receive my dog ​​as I did. I took pictures with him. We have videos and audios of everything that happened when Lucy returned to me.” The footballer wrote on Twitter, “Once again, thank you to the boy who gave me Lucy back.”

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