June 16, 2024


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Was the Camara sold to an Englishman for an absurd sum?

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This will inevitably be one of the best events of the winter transfer window at the Olympic de Marseille. At age 22, Boubacar Kamara’s six months into his contract. If no agreement is reached with his management by June, he will be free to join the club of his choice. What’s even worse is that from January 1, he has the chance to officially sign another team that will only join in the summer. A worrying situation for Marseille leaders who will have to face the first attacks in the coming days.

The 1st auction is to be submitted in Newcastle

In fact, as explained The sun, Some English leaders may go on the offensive to retrieve the player in the winter, thus avoiding war in the coming months, with less concessions than OM expected. According to media reports, the new rich man has been making the first offer of 12 12 million to Newcastle since he became captain of the Saudi Arabian team. Macbeth’s mission is to complete its arrival before the big arms rise. A surprising sum for the 22-year-old promises a better future, but the British are in a strong negotiation position. The last option for Marseille leaders is to find (finally) a common site for its extension.


Olympique de Marseille (OM) will miss Boubacar Kamara for a ridiculous amount during the next winter transfer window. We’re talking about 12 million euros from Macbeth in Newcastle wanting winter.