June 18, 2024


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Quebec, English, Greek books … Discovered by bookseller

The bookseller’s choice is here: Half, Aki Shimasaki (published by Actus Sud). This Quebec writer, born in Japan, wrote a work built on a cycle of five novels. Half The second opus is the story of a couple in a nursing home. Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she no longer recognizes her husband. Now he sets out to win again until he is taken for a stranger. It is the reconstruction of a couple with an expression of love and truth during confession. Beautifully written.

Like animals, Violaine Berot (Buchet Chastel). In an isolated village in the Pyrenees, Murielle and her son, known as the “L’Ors”, live apart near the Grodd Oxfes, where children are abducted. A mountaineer sees a little girl without clothes. This is a story in the form of a police investigation. Is “Bear” really bad? An important text on difference. A good invention.

The courage of a sister, Kitty Naal (Archibal), English writer. In London, in the late 1940s, Sarah, 13, lives with her alcoholic mother who fell into prostitution, gave birth to a second child, hands her over to her daughter, takes her, runs and meets George, but looks at her friend Roger. He gets her a job and settles her with his family. A love story that deals with heavy themes. From grief to love, a great story.

A gun to my head, Claire Mozart (Flamerian), author of children’s literature. Apollinaire, a young African man, lives in a house in the Paris region. He was a child soldier, enlisted in the army at the age of 11. “Conan the Eraser” is his nickname. Drugs, manipulation, he was forced to kill. Haunted by his actions he tries to hide his painful past and rebuild himself. Short sentences, a painful story that questions children’s teaching methods.

Crossing point, Greek novelist and playwright Konstantinos Samiodis (Southern Laws). The boat, which was migrating from a small island of 130 people in the Aegean Sea, was wrecked in the winter. Immerse yourself in this coexistence between 400 refugees and their hosts. Humanity, misery, generosity, fear, compassion for a universal novel that is sometimes funny. These times of withdrawal are priceless.

Silka’s Journey, Heather Morris (Charleston). Then Auschwitz tattoo artist From this novelist journalist, this new birth was taken from a true story. A young exiled woman sells her body to Nazi authorities. In 1945, Gulag was convicted, where he visited a female doctor. A lesson in courage, a stern witness to a woman who lived in hell. A novel that is positive.

Happiness prevails, Amy Antoine (XO). This writer Lily talks about the hardships of life in a normal family. Sophie and Joachim. The couple scatter, and with her prejudices, she is a staunch environmental activist. Their 12-year-old son struggles with him as a boy. The family is going through a turbulent area.