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ENA Entrance Exam: English and General Culture are discussed

ENA Entrance Exam: English and General Culture are discussed

Review the entrance exams l’ENA : This is one of the subjects discussed during the school board meeting on Wednesday morning. The first plan, published by “Le Monde” in early March, called for the cancellation of the General Cultural Examination and the reduction of the number of trials for internal competition and the third competition (the old one open to private sector candidates under the age of eight).

“One day, there will be no more candidates”

Two reasons to manage the choice of the director of ENA, Patrick Gerrard , To reconsider trials: the bias of social discrimination and the allure of competition. “Looking at the dissatisfaction that the internal contest and the third contest will have, there are questions to be asked, because if we continue with this, one day there will be no more candidates,” he said. Daniel Keller, president of the ENA Alumni Association, warns.

“Evidence needs to be reviewed”, Approval of the Minister of Transformation and Public Service, who spoke Tuesday evening in the Assembly. But the initiative of the director of ENA is somewhat limited “Tense” Amylie de Montslin, board member. “The purpose of this board of directors is not to make decisions because the government is taking them on the reform of the senior civil service,” he said. We stressed that, on Tuesday evening, in the minister’s entourage, we recalled that ENA “A public body under the supervision of the Prime Minister”. At the request of the Ministry of Civil Services, the items on the agenda of the ENA Board of Directors have also been revised in the form of questions …

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“English, we can catch”

Amelie de Montserre was removed from the document by the school administration, which highlights the need to modify public cultural selection. “If this test asks for personal reason in a complex matter, I don’t know how it shows social discrimination,” he said. Started the minister in front of the delegates.

On the other hand, Amylie de Montselle questions the choice Hollande made under the five-year period to impose the English exam: “I have serious doubts, He said before delegates. Yes, our senior officers will be helpful in learning English. But if it is [les] Select the number of stays abroad [leurs] Finished by parents [leur] When will be delivered [ils étaient] High school or college students, obviously it discriminates. English, if required, you can catch up on during your studies or become a senior civil servant with reinforced education during training. “

Discounts “

During the board of directors, the school administration insisted that it was the only thing that was placed on the table “Proposals”. “Patrick Gerrard is not a rebel,” Trusts the loved one. The school principal put his meal on the agenda, but everything will be done in the right coordination as the government wants. Ideally, if we want to achieve something properly for the start of the 2022 school year, we must now ask questions because procedures must be followed and we do not change fingers in an instant. “

After launch, in February, Preparatory Classes “Skills” To diversify recruitments in the public service, the government has selected about fifty universities to be set up there. Each company will receive 6,500 euros per student. They will also be assigned a new “skill” access to public service competitions. For ENA, this refers to six additional students who will complete class 2022-2023. At a cost of 9 689,000 over 2022 and 2023, according to a document sent to members of the school’s board of directors this Wednesday.

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