July 14, 2024


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The impact of the planet.  Marcus Rashford, English footballer bends over to fight malnutrition

The impact of the planet. Marcus Rashford, English footballer bends over to fight malnutrition

He does not need to introduce himself. Marcus Rashford is known in the UK and around the world. He has 11.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly 5 million followers on Twitter. Like all footballers, the Manchester United player may be content to encourage his supporters, but he used his means of communication to force the hand of politicians on something important to him: children who do not have enough to eat.

Last January, when children were forced to take lessons from home because of the practice in the UK, the photo in support of the amount of free school meals, he warned. “Three days of food for a family. That’s not enough.”, Before adding, he comments: “Imagine expecting children to be involved in home learning. Sometimes parents who have to teach them and their children have nothing to eat. We have to be better. We’re in 2021.”

This baby is suffering from hunger and his mother has nothing to put on the table because one thing that is so close to his heart that he avoids food, it is him. Marcus Rashford, the kid from South Manchester who created it, but who has not forgotten. A year ago, the UK International requested food vouchers for poor families. The government denies it, but the footballer’s tweets go viral and he gets popular support.

Happening these days. Children need to focus on school. It is crazy to think that this is happening today. It should not be.

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United player and England international


Some of the majority members support it. Boris Johnson ended up telling him that he had changed his mind. The Prime Minister said he was surprised by the young man’s determination. “People like Marcus Rashford, I fully understand their commitment. I know where it comes from. This is a topic we need to focus on.”

But Marcus Rashford is not finished, far from it. Last fall, he returned to the same thing. This time feed the underprivileged children during the Christmas holidays, and then in the summer of 2021. The government is stubborn. MPs on social networks apostrophe him, and Rashford takes them as easily as he can on the ground.

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Individuals, restaurants, associations, municipal councils are mobilized and food is provided. Again, the football player ends up bending the power. Again, the footballer did not want to stop there. Now, he announces that he wants to help the younger one access the books. Marcus Rashford started a book clubMacmillan collaborated with the Children’s Book Publishing Company and provided nearly 50,000 copies of the book A dinosaur ate my sister For children in more than 250 schools.

Attempts to get congratulations for him from Barack Obama. “Marcus is a good example. He is interested in a sport, he excels at it. It gives him a new expression and now he is looking for new challenges. At the same time he is one of the best in his sport.” At 23, Marcus Rashford is one of the best footballers in the world, but he has decided to be more than that.