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Quimper: A meeting to exchange readings in English

Quimper: A meeting to exchange readings in English

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Maryse Evrain runs the English Book Club in the Allyn-Gerard Media Library. ©Maryse SALIOU

“What book have you read in the past weeks? » No, we’re not in high school English class, but Alain-Gerard Media LibraryIn Quimper, on a Saturday afternoon.

On the first floor, off the path of the regulars, is the verandah. This is where the First Saturday of every month2:00 pm to 3:30 pm, for English language and those who wish to study in English.

The idea is English Book ClubBecause that function had sprouted within the team some time ago by looking at loan statistics for books in English.

This number is high and regular and the new products offered find buyers very quickly. Also, the media library regularly receives books in English in various styles and “we follow the suggestions of our readers,” notes English-speaking librarian Maryse Evrine, who runs the book club with compassion and passion.

There are a few places to chat in English in Quimper, which also led to the establishment of the activity.

Bilingualism is not necessary

This Saturday, various novels are presented by a dozen or so people. Volunteer participants go on the floor Talk about a book in English Read in recent weeks.

It can be a summary of a book, but also impressions or emotions felt while reading. The atmosphere is informal And, regardless of language level or genre of book chosen, everyone is happy to share.

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“You don’t have to be bilingual. People who participate in the book club find here an opportunity to discuss in English, but get ideas for reading, and at the end of the session, they like to linger a bit to exchange their books. »

Marys Evrain, Librarian.

It should be noted that the Alain-Gérard Media Library has always offered books in English since its opening in 2008. Background offers a very diverse and eclectic selection of books with different language levels, allowing everyone who wants to discover or rediscover the pleasure of reading in a foreign language. “See you soon, don’t forget your books!” »

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Mary’s Salio

Practical information.Saturday 2nd September at 2pm at the Alain-Gérard Media Library on the Esplanade François-Mitterand in Quimper.
It’s free.

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