July 22, 2024


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How to avoid 100 worst mistakes in English? –

How to avoid 100 worst mistakes in English? The practical work of Maud Vuaillat will be published by Larousse Editions in September 2023. A great tool to learn English, avoid grammatical errors and master frequent and lexical structures.

How-to-Avoid-100-Worst-English-Mistakes-LaRousseThe book begins with a foreword by the author, who explains that his book is playful, simple, and essential. Then, the table of contents makes finding your way around the book quick and easy. Thus, we find the upcoming program between sentence constructions, nouns and determiners, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions. So the first mistake to avoid is skipping breakfast. Two errors will be corrected in this first sentence! The adverb is modified before the verb and the modified verb…

Errors are thus listed, but above all well explained. In fact, everything is so comprehensive that you can understand, integrate and edit yourself with pairings, quizzes and other visuals. It is artificial and rhythmic, sometimes repetitive, and can synthesize important ideas little by little to speak English properly. Instructional instruction allows you to learn and progress. Quizzes are fun to test yourself on every point of grammar or vocabulary. The guide is very rich and interesting, very captivating and easy to learn, a very useful read. Sentence construction, tense, verb forms are taken and explained in this way, to learn English without making mistakes, express yourself well and master.

How to avoid 100 worst mistakes in English? A Practical Guide, eds Larousse. A very complete and interesting book to correct yourself, avoid common mistakes, learn properly, improve and express yourself properly in English.

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