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How to write your CV in English

By Expot.com, Student Partner, Released today

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On the way to an internship or work abroad, there is an important step: CV in English. Here are our keys to help you write the most important document of your application.

Create your CV in English: Background

A Start again in English Has the same goal French CV : Sell your profile to recruiters to convince them that you will be Best Candidate For a given post.

Nevertheless, there are similar fundamental differences, in fact, if French CV Mention them Professional experiences, On the other hand, they are the focal point CV written in English..

It would be instructive to describe your related experiences and highlight the lessons and skills you have learned from them, as well as what you can bring to the company.

It is common and expected that the English CV will include a short introductory speech, which will introduce you personally and get your background back (we’re talking). Personal statement “). You will remember soon Motivations It does not change, however Home letter.

Length English CV Be classic, and you should match all the information on pages one to two England Two page design is usual United States, As in France, the CV must fit on one side. Beyond the draft language, each country has its own specialties that must be verified before the final draft.

Be careful with English: It is important not to mix American English with British English when writing: Choose your words carefully! Thus, an American CV. Collection of Education and Profession England, Ireland and New Zealand It will be ” Note “Pay particular attention to the” wrong friends “between French and English, who can tarnish your English level.

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The purpose of the tutorial is definitely to present yourself, but it is important not to overdo it with trivial details so as not to lose your reader and tire them out before you finish your work. Profile. This is a balancing act, and it would be wise to review every stage you apply to modify your CV to meet the expectations of your intermediaries (even if your background is the same, you do not want to put the same expertise every time).

Submit your application in English: Form

Aside from the art industry, it is always advisable to support CVs with sober aesthetics, which will help the reader to easily understand and retain information about you. Of the dozens of CVs obtained, a slight touch of originality to further distinguish yourself and express your personality should not be avoided (for example in colors as long as they taste good). Eye But it is often difficult to understand things that are harmful to you: Remember that your CV must function before it can be beautiful.

Be careful as opposed to the French custom of always attaching your photo Candidate, The English CV, For English-speaking countries as elsewhere, the only exception is a photograph. This point is important and will be removed to avoid any doubt for some selectors Discrimination Or favorably depending on the body.

As well as your refined aesthetics PresentationIf you follow a clear style and are concise with short and straightforward sentences, you have no room to expand the lyrics. To avoid an ecocentric image, it is a good idea to avoid using the suffix “I” frequently in the twists of your phrase.

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For consistency and ease of reading, it is advisable to respect the anti-chronological order in your design. Experiences and Diplomas (I.e., from new to old). Do not hesitate to use bullets to streamline and configure your different points.

If you choose a multi-page CV, be careful to put all the relevant information first so as to attract immediate attention and not be left behind if the recruiter objects to long documents.

Do not hesitate to explain the lessons you followed and your lessons Experiences Issued by Concrete examples Application (What tasks were you able to perform, what tasks were assigned to you …)

When your CV is finished, if possible, check it with a normal English speaker so he can show errors or passages less naturally (although sometimes grammatically correct). The competition is fierce, so it is important not to miss any points in words.

basically English CV, The latter is not different from its French number, and can be illustrated as:

  • Civil Status: Name, First Names, Addresses and Addresses for Contact Us (No mention of focus, age or marital status and no photo recalls).
  • Professional project: This is a short paragraph Try We introduce you to what we have mentioned (including that it may be interesting to write important words Selected in the ad you respond to).
  • Professional Experiences: You do not have to describe each of the experiences listed, Appropriate only To the level at which you are applying.
  • Training: If your education is in French, specify the title of your diplomas in French, a translation and Balance your level of study in English. If your professional experience is not yet extensive, it is a good idea to provide details about the courses that follow.
  • Other Information: Here you can list all the information that you think is relevant to the questionable work up to yours Language level (TOEFL or TOEIC status …) Software mastery.
  • Hobbies: You should never underestimate Possible sympathy This can lead to a hire. For two equivalent CVs, it is not uncommon to see users separated by information that appears to be ineffective … taste in music, high level game training or the commitment of an association. This section should be short and at the end of the CV, but not noticeable.
  • Quotes: It is common for foreign recruiters to prefer Check your notes with your former bosses or bosses, Do not hesitate to take the initiative and strategic contacts will talk well about you (albeit with goals) for you to stay with them. Specify the contact name, status in the organization and contact person.
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