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Will only English be spoken in France one day?

Why don’t we speak Gaelic in France? The answer is very simple: the Romans made Latin the only language of social progress. Little by little, the Coles understood that in order to access the best places, they had to master the folly of power. The long phase of Gaelic-Latin bilingualism continued, but the end of the story was written. By the fifth century AD, Gallic had completely disappeared.

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Why do we talk less and less about Breton in Gwimper, Alsatian in Strasbourg, and Catalan in Perbignon? The answer is very simple: France has developed French as the only language of social progress. Little by little, the inhabitants of all parts of our beautiful country understood that in order to access the best places, they must master the language of power. The long phase of regional-French bilingualism continued, but the end of the story seems to have been written. In the 21st century, if nothing changes, all French languages ​​except French will disappear from the mainland of France.

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Can’t speak French one day in France? Probably. As we understand it all depends on the language chosen for social progress. As long as it is French, the threat will be somewhat (despite the proliferation of Anglicanism). On the other hand, if this place were dedicated to English, the situation might change completely.

This is why so many decisions made in recent years are worrying. Judging by some of these examples:

* Provided March 16, 2021 New National Identity Card. For the first time, all the titles have been translated into English.

* On February 4, 2020, an order will rule Rules for teaching French abroad. Of these: “To ensure a minimum B2 level of the common European framework for languages ​​in English” (ie. “Speak with naturalness, simplicity and efficiency“) – including … French speaking countries.

* Order of Prime Minister Edward Philip on April 3, 2020 BTS is subject to certification in English.

* On the same day, another order of the Ministry of Higher Education created it The same applies to licenses, professional licenses and university degrees in technology.

* In 2013, The Fiorazo Act had already amended the DuPont Act on the French language To promote English in higher education and research.

The Ministry of Higher Education did not answer L Express’s questions, but we do know its motives. He believes that he will only strengthen the attractiveness of our universities by attracting students who are more comfortable in English than in French. An argument that hurts those who want cultural diversity. “In the medium and long term, these rules work strongly against us,” says language teacher Pierre Escude. .Attack on multilingualism within universities by the full obligation of English“.

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They all basically ask these three questions. One: If we think it is desirable to use English in our universities, how can we believe the importance of speaking French to an African or Asian student? Two: If a foreign student wants to study in English, wouldn’t he or she be tempted to go directly to an English-speaking country? Three: What is the use of taking an exam in English to teach in a French high school in one of the 43 states where French is the official language? Where is the English to some extent? Sociologist Philip Blanchett asks in a sharp article.

There is no doubt that these cries of alarm will be more than many. From a human point of view, in fact, it is unlikely to see the disappearance of the French from France. But it is precisely the capture. I repeat: it took five centuries for Gallic to disappear. In the 17th century, the people of Kwimber, Strasbourg or Berbice did not rely on the destruction of the Breton, Alsatian or Catalan in their respective cities. Yet this is what happened.

So let’s be careful. Neither you nor Nano will see the French language being translated into English on the streets of Paris or Orleans, which is absolutely certain, and no doubt our priorities are taking these various steps. What they don’t see is that they put their finger in a gear. Because, little by little, if English becomes a compulsory passage for obtaining a diploma of higher education, it is a dark situation that can be easily explained. The “best high schools” provide reinforced English guidance to improve the success of their students. Families make decisions: To promote the success of their loved ones, they must decide to speak Shakespeare’s language at home or at least babysit them The child is seated (That’s the word!) English speaking. Do we remember it? The most interim candidate for mayor of Paris is Benjamin Grivaux, the most macronist. She volunteered to teach English from nursery and kindergarten.

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For all of them, we can not highly recommend looking at the example of the Netherlands, which has long preferred English in higher education. The result? Local universities now have no students in Dutch literature courses, They begin to close the doors.

Is this the path we want to follow in France?


Molach Law: Historic Day for Regional Languages

Under the Fifth Republic a law dedicated to regional languages ​​was never adopted! Against the will of the government, Deputy Paul Molak was able to gather a majority in his bill. Among the key measures adopted were: Expansion of immersion education in the regional language (more than 50% subjects) in public schools and the compulsory payment of “school fees” to private schools and associations in the absence of a municipality. Does not provide. Regional language education. Consider also the possibility of using the dialect of regional languages ​​in civil status documents (the case of Little Fach). The unknown remains: a possible recommendation to the Constituent Assembly. You can find out Here Your MP Whether or not you voted in favor of this legislation.

Echoes of the Foch affair in the United States

Want to be recognized as a civilian in France? This case is of great interest to Americans, where the Hispanic community has surnames with n dildo.

School and its words, Jean Brewst

We often talk about the evils of school. From “Student” to “Choice” to talk about school terms via “Kit”, “Primary” or “College”, speaker Jean Brewst chooses. A book that contains many quotes from authors.

Swiss and Quebecists call on Emmanuel Macron to better protect the French

“La Francophone calls on all French people to order their president and their government.” This is the first sentence of an appeal initiated by the Swiss Philippe Coron, the leader of the French-speaking coalition Suisse Romande, and the Quebec-Jean-Paul Perrault, the leader of the French compulsory movement. Both call on Emmanuel Macron to better respect Duben law and to preserve the French language within European institutions.

Original languages, an asset in the labor market

Arabic, Turkish, Wolof, Portuguese … It is difficult for some young people to get recognition for assessing certain cultural and linguistic skills in a CV or during an interview. However, contrary to popular belief, recruiters ask.

Dead language or living language, the best limit

The so-called “dead” languages ​​are often created to give birth to other languages, which are enriched by the vocabulary of neighboring countries.

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When Canada was the language of anti-French

Without raising the long historical confrontation between English and French in this country it is impossible to understand the French-speaking Canadians coexisting with their language. Practicing Moliere’s language is still an issue of action and identity for the Quebecs.

Does speech recognition think about regional languages?

Online voice search is a voice communication device that allows you to place orders on a tablet, smartphone or virtual personal assistant. This technology is growing worldwide, but some language communities fear it will be excluded.


Paul Molak: “We have changed the law so that regional languages ​​can no longer be opposed.”

The Bretton deputy attended the France Inter guest on April 9 on the initiative of the Regional Languages ​​Act, which was adopted this week. He explains what his law will change.

When delegates in Breton and Occitan sing to celebrate Moloch law

After the vote on the law, the Breton delegation sang the Bretton anthem Pro Go Ma Sato (The old country of my fathers). Then delegates from the south of the Lower sang If I sing (Si je chante), a Byrne song that has changed the entire Occitan region. Where do we find Paul Moloch and Jean LaSalle have beautiful voices …

3 minutes to understand 50 key moments in the history of the French language, Bernard Fribiot

Where does our spelling come from? How did you pronounce Old French? How did our language manage to turn Latin into a valuable language? Where does our collective interest in mandating come from? To many, Bernard Fribiot answered these questions accurately and playfully in his last work Traditional versions.

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