April 20, 2024


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Lockmine. Interested in English they take part in the big challenge

What could be better than learning English games? The Big Challenge competition has been offered for many years, with Jean-Pierre-Cologne College students participating each year. This year, they have more than a hundred registered. “They have an MCQ (Multiple Choice Quiz) to fill out, which still covers the entire program of the year., Refer to the English teachers of the institution, Anne Blassey, Claude Mishard, Anne Jacob, Annie Le Bretton and Olga Smilova. Students can practice on a site and even have a competition in class, which motivates them. “

Teachers are happy to prepare their students for this competition, especially when they see their motivation. « Every year, they want to do better. The health crisis did not stop them, and by 2020, they had taken part in the competition online. “

All students have borne the brunt of the diligence for the first time this year between first and fourth place at the departmental level. At noon on Friday, the administration and the English teachers will jointly distribute prizes including trophies, diplomas and other small gifts, but especially congratulations.

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