June 18, 2024


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Translate French English into the “working language” of the European Union

An ambassador has revealed that Emmanuel Macron’s government plans to make English the official “working language” of the European Union when he assumes the presidency of the Council of Europe in 2022.

A statement from Brexit stated that France plans to “translate” its mother tongue into Brussels as its first presidency. Politics.

A senior French diplomat told the website: “Although we acknowledge that English is a working language and widely spoken, the basis for speaking French is fully established in EU institutions.

“It needs to be enriched and revived so that the French language really regains its land, and above all, the taste and pride of the multilingual language.

The unnamed diplomat said that all high-level meetings of the council – the body that sets the political priorities of the European Union – would be held in French instead of English during the six-month presidency.

The Council expects that the notes and minutes shall be “in French first” and that all letters of the European Commission shall be in French.

“We always ask the Commission to send in French the letters we wish to send to the French authorities. If they do not, we will wait before sending the French version,” the ambassador declared.

Nicolas Sarkozy served as president of the council from 2008, when he served as president, from January to June of the following year.

Macron’s ministers have shown great interest in pushing the French past the English “Ersats” used by the authorities in Brussels, and have now left the British camp.

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In April, European Secretary of State Clement Beyonc மாநில and Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoine announced that the presidency had created “an opportunity to raise this important struggle for multilingualism.”

In An article To Le Figaro, The use of the French in Brussels has diminished in favor of English, and more and more Globish – the English-language Ersats, which constrict the field of his thoughts and restrict his ability to express himself, they said.

Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson at Elysee Palace in 2019


This comes amid renewed tensions between the UK and the EU over the implementation of the Northern Ireland ethical agreements set out in last year’s Brexit agreement.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Minister David Frost is due to meet with European Commission Vice President Maros Chefkov on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing controversy in London. Lord Frost said it was time to resolve trade issues in the province.

“There is now a strong consensus throughout the EU that Frost is the problem,” said Mujtaba Rahman, a respected Brexit analyst and Europe’s managing director for the Eurasia Group.

Its experts believe EU leaders will use the margins of this week’s G7 summit in Cornwall “to get Boris Johnson directly” and inform him of the merits of a compromise agreement on terms to ease controls.

US President Joe Biden is expected to use the meeting with the Prime Minister to express his own support for Northern Ireland’s protocol.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandi said Monday that Mr Johnson’s government was “missing” on the issue of border controls in Northern Ireland.

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“We have to settle the border in the Irish Sea, not because Joe Biden told us, but because it will cause complete destruction in Northern Ireland, and we have a responsibility to get it right,” he told Sky News.