June 19, 2024


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The English find the terraces of pubs

Drink a beer on the terrace, go shopping, go back to the hairdresser: On Monday 12 April the British regain precious freedoms, removing many of the restrictions associated with the epidemic that has hit the country hard. The joy of returning to the terraces of cafes and restaurants after a long, defined winter was tarnished by the death of Prince Philip, 99, on Friday, which plunged the United Kingdom into a period of national mourning. Funeral Saturday. Members of Parliament shortened their Easter break on Monday to pay tribute to the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Boris Johnson has postponed a planned pub visit to celebrate the reopening.

The United Kingdom is the most affected country in Europe by an epidemic that has killed more than 127,000 people. For the third time in early January (areas like London have been restricted since mid-December), his health has improved significantly. It now has less than 3,000 cases and less than 50 deaths a day. Fewer than 3,000 of the Govit-19 patients are being treated in hospitals, up from 40,000 in January. This improvement, through intensive vaccination, now allows for a much more gradual restructuring, which takes place on a different schedule in each block of the United Kingdom.

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In the UK, except for the reopening of terraces, non-essential businesses such as clothing stores or beauty salons may reopen on Monday. In their spare time, the English can go back to gyms, spas, libraries, visit the zoo and go on vacation to England, as long as they stay with the same household members. It’s a great relief for business owners that they have been closed for so long, and for everyone else, it’s an opportunity to start doing again some of the things we love and miss, “said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a statement.

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Although the British Beer and Pub Association estimates that only 40% of pubs in the UK have enough outdoor space, this is a highly anticipated boost to the economy. The reopening of indoor catering is scheduled only during the next phase of renovation, on May 17, when hotels, performance halls and stadiums will stand, with limited capacity.