August 18, 2022


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Reading of “Billibeille” by Evan Placey, adélaide Pralon text translated from English



Discover Evan Placey’s reading of “Billybeille” as part of the 2022 Regards Croisés Festival, translated from English by Adélaïde Pralon, a successful text to help create dramatic texts. The reading is directed by Marijke Bedlim, starring Pierre Woil and the youth of Sandier Adolescent de L’Space 600.

Billy can’t stop. Even if he says his father, mother, mistress a thousand times, he will not shut his mouth or move. He is like the bees that his father takes care of. Besides, he is very fond of bees, which is why everyone calls him Billypeel. He’s weird, he’s known as EDHT, he has known for some time that he has a disability disorder with or without hypersensitivity. His illness causes arguments between the parents, and they split up. Billy’s older brother goes to live with his father; Billy stays with his mother. While waiting for his father to return, he goes to the roof of a building to take care of his hives. He cares for them, he looks at them, he feels great and responsible. He hopes that by his birthday everything will be back to normal, so he takes his medicine regularly and tries to play a tree wisely in the school game. He accepts all the side effects like pills, insomnia, hunger, fatigue, but his nature catches him and accepts reality.