July 14, 2024


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Reality TV influencers start speaking English on social media as their subscribers suspect them of fraud

Reality TV influencers start speaking English on social media as their subscribers suspect them of fraud

Influencers. For days, many users have been wondering why influencers from reality TV on social networks TikTok and X, even on Instagram or Snapchat, speak English in their stories. This is not the first time this phenomenon has happened in the field of influence. A few years ago, YouTuber Kevin Tran offered a series of videos in English, and Tibo InShape publishes content in the same language with an audio track. Their goal is to reach an international audience and thus grow their community.

And for these influencers, is the goal the same? A section of their audience suspected of speaking English in their content to avoid the law on influencers, hence DGCCRF, by making them believe their audience is mostly English. This way, they can do without mentioning “business collaboration” during their product placements.

Do reality TV influencers want to fool DGCCRF?

In January, Jazz spoke in English several times on her social networks. And she's not the only one. On January 25, Snapchatter Soukaina posted a series of product spots for clothing brand Blooshop. In her videos, the influencer, who usually speaks French, decided to express herself in English while presenting the clothes. #CollaborationCommercial/


This is the best 😂😂 #Chaukainat Sisters #foryou #foryou

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Following these videos, many users spoke on X. The hashtag #SoukainaTwoSister sparked a lot of reactions. According to them, Chaukhaina speaks in English only to convince the DGCCRF that his audience is mainly international. This way, it doesn't care if more than half of its subscribers are foreigners, as the law on influencers dictates. Except in fact, it's not true. Influxio, a law firm specializing in issues of influence, notes that the DGCCRF has spoken on the matter: “ When an influencer addresses French consumers, he is subject to French law. Whether he is abroad or not, regardless of the language he speaks“.

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Another influencer, Maïssane Aghioul, spoke to reach the same conclusion. “I have just seen Chaukhaina's stories in English. My girlfriend explained to me that our influencers have the ability to escape DGCCRF. Videographers also took to social media to condemn the influencer's strategy of avoiding issues with the DGCCRF. “Influencers were born before shame. This influence does not want to pay so much, she starts speaking in English. “If you don't want to pay, put a hashtag, it's nothing, it's fate,” declares a user on X.

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Other users have drawn DGCCRF's attention on the social network. The organization invited them to report these behaviors directly on a dedicated platform.

As of this writing, Soukaina has posted new videos in French on Snapchat, but has deleted all content on Instagram: from the posts to the profile photo, including the description. Notice also that she doesn't talk much about her reasons for speaking in English.