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At Mauges, reception includes speaking English

At Mauges, reception includes speaking English

What are these language workshops?

Organized every Thursday in February at the Cafe des Ponts in Beaubrue, from approximately 5pm to 6:15pm. Their goal is to gain confidence in speaking English.

The group of about ten people registered includes tourist hotels, local producers, guest houses, lodges, wine producers and saffron producers. Ambassadors of the territory, they contribute to the image of Mauges. With their open, enthusiastic and voluntary attitude towards the practice of the language, English speakers and Anglophiles are well received.

The goal of the game is not necessarily to get a better position, but to dare to welcome English, which is always well received by foreign tourists visiting our region.

Who is behind the proposal?

The initiative goes Mauges community, and more specifically to its tourism development company Ôsez Mauges. Karine Le Gendre for management, notes that this is a “Desire to strengthen the network of tourism experts. By organizing several workshops throughout the year, the region can strengthen its assets in terms of green tourism. Also, the workshops develop different themes, which are selected in consultation with the needs of the experts.

Let us mention that one of the tasks assigned to Ôsez Mauges aims to promote mutual knowledge in favor of developing the territory.

The warm atmosphere at the foot of the Èvre by Café des Ponts encourages harmony in the group with an English teacher offering role-playing games in small groups.

The concept was greatly appreciated by Nicole and Florian, both from Mesnil-en-Valley (Mouges-sur-Loire). She is responsible for a keet on the banks of the Loire, and he is a winemaker in the Haut-Pucet estate.

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Information: www.osezmauges.fr/espace-prestataires/rencontres-prestataires