July 14, 2024


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Réparsac: The English Wonderland Society hosts a show

Réparsac: The English Wonderland Society hosts a show

Maryline Droger is an English teacher at Amantier High School in Angouleme and president of the English Wonderland Association and about sixty…

Maryline Troger, English teacher at Amandier High School in Angoulême and president of the English Wonderland Association, and about sixty children presented English to their parents and friends and family a few days ago. The youngest, aged 3 to 5, chose to take the public to the zoo. The middle group, ages 6 to 8, were transformed into weathermen, journalists and commercial actors. Another group of the same age group decided to talk about a job like an American police officer, school teacher, or flight attendant. year. The teenagers, for their part, prepared a quiz in London to share with the public. The taste of cakes made by parents and a friendly drink allowed us to spend a few minutes before saying goodbye. Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11. The price for a one-year course is 210 euros. “These courses allow us to learn the English language in a fun way, around cooking workshops and games adapted to the language of Shakespeare. There is correspondence with a school and several classes in Colorado USA,” concludes the president of the association.

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