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Le Faucigny |  Learn English differently at Annecy

Le Faucigny | Learn English differently at Annecy

Les Petits Bilingues offers dedicated English lessons for young and old. The network has 54 franchises in France, including 2 centers in Annecy and Annemasse.

Philippe Jaccoud, director of SARL Little Lutins and owner of Petits Bilingues, is a happy man because he owns the entire sector of Haute-Savoie. There are 2 centers in Annemasse and Annecy, for which he is looking for a bigger campus, he plans to set up a third in the future, why not in the Arve Valley…

Historically, the Petites Bilingues brand, managed by Christine Le Guerne-Brigant, has been dedicated to teaching English through art, music and games for thirty years. Subsequently, it has been able to expand its offerings to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. “To uphold this commitment, we have relied on teaching for more than 30 years in a constant evolution based on three pillars: music, drama and art. Today, I am proud of this collaboration with Wiplay and La Petite Academie, which enriches our three pillars and strengthens the educational expertise of our centers. . »

Two centers in Haute-Savoie

Philippe Jackout explains the importance of the game: “Children retain better when they play. Working with La Petite Academie is a high-quality art education network, with drawing, painting, sculpture and theater courses, and Wiplay where you can learn to play and sing with joy, which allows us to offer a complete range. Especially in addition, the joint Actions are planned. Art has an important place within Petits Bilingues because it gives students a different awareness, provides them with unique moments, and learns almost without realizing it.

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Attractive prices

Because it is important that learning is accessible to all, attractive and affordable prices are offered, as Philippe Jacud points out: “Children come from the age of 3, as part of a workshop such as music or sports, for a year’s registration, the price is €559. We have 3 hour half day workshops for €1,745. For adults, one-hour group workshops per week for €589 or individual lessons for adults for €69 per hour. Funding is available but very few clients pay due to our courses being CPF and OPCO eligible. (Capacity Operators, Author’s Note). » This is not the first time these “workshops” have been offered. “We try to introduce children to English-speaking countries, for example, children visited the legends and customs of 5 Pacific islands, but there, the educational program is expressed at different levels at the level of North America, and then I think. There is a small stop in Canada. »

From small to large

Since children have the ability to learn faster than adults, lessons begin at 12 months of age. Also, two partnerships with nurseries exist in Haute-Savoie. In small groups, 45 minutes per week, children come with their parents to the so-called “First Step” workshops. For 3-4 year olds, activities are offered from 3 hours to half days per week conducted entirely in English. Thanks to graphic arts and various games, they slowly begin to learn the basics of English. For ages 6-12, weekly workshops take place on Wednesdays or Saturdays, punctuated by games and interactivity during oral presentations. Internships are possible during holidays as the Annecy and Annemass centers are open all year round except for 2 weeks in August. “College” workshops are available for children aged 11 to 14, to restore a taste of English for some and to reinforce English learning for others, to fill in the gaps!

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Get into college with exceptional standing

A survey is conducted in January to monitor student achievement. From the age of 8, the “Cambridge” test is carried out by an organization that administers them. “This typically presents additional challenges for children entering age 6e Almost 3 levelsThere are In college, I tested it on my kids. So they can officially check their English level, including at European level. This is particularly useful if at the end of CM2 parents want to integrate their child into a private bilingual college, as public institutions do not have the same possibilities. » Philippe Jaccoud has 5 staff at each center, where 180 students attend each week.

Finally, the “Fantastic Adventures” program for 2024-2025 will allow children to virtually discover North America with illustrated characters and settings. This rich challenge provides truly artistic and engaging learning.

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