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Toulonnaise Meline Maillet, main of the national English competition

Toulonnaise Meline Maillet, main of the national English competition

Results Day” It was hard for me to believeconfides Meline Maillet. When I checked to see if I was admitted, I saw my name at the bottom of the search bar, at the top of the rankings.”, recalled the student. At the age of 23, the Toulon native topped this year’s Caps (1) national English competition.

Teaching English, a profession

“I first called the whole world to cry.”, she laughed. He topped the 2,331 candidates. “17/20 written and 20/20 oral”. This earned her a position as an English teacher in National Education, her dream.

“As soon as I entered college, I knew I wanted to do this job.”, says Major. After graduating in English, he worked in Ireland as a French assistant for a year. “I wanted to be 100% immersed in an English-speaking environment and get my foot in the door of teaching”she mentions.

On his return, he enrolled in the MEEF Master’s Degree (Teaching, Education and Training Professions) at the University of Toulon. Not yet qualified, he already teaches two fifth-grade classes in basketball.

Young female teachers have no illusions about the difficult working conditions. “It’s a job where nothing goes as planned.she smiles, But going to college gave me motivation, which is very rewarding.“Between classes at the university, writing the dissertation and preparing for the competition, the student went through difficult times.” But when I look back, I tell myself it wasn’t for nothing”, She assures.

There is no gap in the plan

For Xavier Leroux, president of the University of Toulon, this achievement in the Caps tournament “The most beautiful news for the region”. He shows it “In a university that is less important than others, we excel”, he adds. The secret to these results? “Find your rhythm, take a few moments to breathe and practice”Promises to be a future teacher.

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Unfortunately for middle school students, Meline Maillet will not enter national education until September 2025. Full of ambition, he enrolls in a preparatory course at the beginning of the school year to master English composition. The Major is taking a few days off “But I’ll hurry back to work, I’m already late!”

1. Certificate of Eligibility for Secondary Education Teaching.