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Results, presentation and analysis of WrestleMania 40: The Rock and Roman Reigns defeat Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Results, presentation and analysis of WrestleMania 40: The Rock and Roman Reigns defeat Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Our final match of the night is arguably the biggest tag team match in WrestleMania history, as Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins will face The Rock and Roman Reigns.

Rhodes, Rollins and Reigns are pulling double duty at WrestleMania this year and this is The Rock's first real WrestleMania match in 11 years.

If Rhodes and Rollins win, The Bloodline will be banned from the ring for Sunday's Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match between Rhodes and Reigns. If The Rock and Reigns win, the match will be contested under “Bloodline Rules.”

Of all the (very long) entrances, The Rock's was clearly the most memorable – in a good way, of course. Rhodes' mother and father-in-law were sitting at ringside, which is important considering the nature of this match.

As soon as the bell rang, the four men engaged in a long staring match. In the end, Rollins and Reigns were chosen to start the match. The first step was a collar and elbow buckle more than two and a half minutes after the bell rang. Reigns overpowered Rollins as the pace remained slow. Once things got better, Rollins got the upper hand and tagged in Rhodes.

Rhodes and Reigns went back and forth before engaging in a short “test of strength.” Rollins returned to the event and Reigns then tagged in The Rock for the first time.

Following the previous Reigns-Rollins scheme, Rock overpowered Rollins after a necktie and elbow but Rollins used speed and counters to even the pitch. After building momentum, Rock taunted Rhodes to get into the ring – and he obliged.

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Rhodes and Rollins eventually defeated Rock and Reigns briefly before the four stared at each other again and the battle spilled outside the ring. Rhodes and Reigns worked out on the ramp while Rollins and Rock kept the action near the commentary box. Rock threatened the referee not to count anyone out before he and Rollins entered the crowd.

After chaos involving all four men outside the ring, Rock and Rollins returned to the ropes, but a sneak attack by Reigns led to Rollins being sold to a knee injury. Rock and Reigns turned their attention to Rollins' knee and isolated the WWE Heavyweight Champion, incapacitating the beloved tag team.

As Reigns taunted the crowd, Rollins snapped his neck and appeared ready to deliver a heavy blow to Rhodes, but Rock pulled him back and hit him with a low blow – furthering the story of Rock abusing his power as a TKO board member to cheat. .

Another hot tag attempt was foiled when Reigns pulled Rhodes off the apron and Rock locked Rollins in the Sharpshooter. Rhodes stepped in, throwing the rule book, to slap Rock and force her to break her hold. Rollins then took advantage by stomping on Rock before both men tagged in their partners.

Rhodes built momentum with a scoop slam, a disastrous dropkick, and a chopper on Cody for a near fall. Rhodes went for another chop but Reigns countered him with a “Superman Punch” for a near fall.

As the tempo picked up, Rhodes hit a top rope chop and Rollins hit a frog splash, but Reigns kicked out at two. Rollins and Rhodes executed a series of superkicks, stomps, and “Cross Rhodes” on Reigns, but Rock knocked the referee out of the ring.

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With the referee briefly incapacitated, Reigns took out Rhodes with a low blow, but Rhodes kicked out.

Reigns locked Rhodes in a guillotine choke and prevented Rock from breaking the hold. Rollins came to the rescue and after Rock came in, he turned his attention to Roode's mother and father-in-law, taunting them with his weight belt.

Rock's taunt allowed Rhodes to quickly make up for the “electronic elbow” and as Rock went for the “people elbow”, he interrupted. On the cusp of landing on the rocker, Rhodes was taken out with a “Superman punch.”

With Reigns spearing Rhodes, Rollins saved his partner and Reigns inadvertently speared Rock. Rhodes and Rollins both got the Pedigree, but members of The Bloodline kicked out and the action moved outside the ring again.

Rollins beat Reigns to the top rope and Rock's attention was on Rhodes in the announce box. A brief distraction allowed Rhodes to put Rock through the announce table with a “rock bottom” and Reigns threw Rollins through the barricade and into the timekeeper's area.

Rhodes brought Rock back into the ring, but Reigns hit him with a kick from a distance. Reigns was tagged in and went toe-to-toe with Rhodes. Rhodes went for a triple “Cross-Rhodes”, but in the third he was hit in the back by a weight belt from Rock, turning the tide in the heels' favor.

The Rock hit Rhodes with a “rock bottom” and a “people's elbow” before getting the win.

The Rock and Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in 44:38