July 23, 2024


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Retro 2023. We played English tourists to test the hospitality of Aldiligarians.

Retro 2023. We played English tourists to test the hospitality of Aldiligarians.

“Who speaks English well? » It was thrown, by a simple questionopen space From the departmental editorial staff of The Tribune – Progress d'Yssingeaux, I set out with one of my colleagues, Elisa Galin, to explore the scale of tourist reception spaces in Shakespeare's language.

A car ride to learn to speak with English accent

The only problem is that we have to pretend to be foreign tourists… speaking with a very French accent can seriously affect our reporting. On September 6, during the half-hour drive to Puy-en-Vale, you will practice speaking “fluent” English.

Our motivation behind this thing? Nor does it prove the bad reputation of the French in English. In the ranking established in 2022, France ranked 34the According to a study by EF Education First, which assesses each country's English proficiency, the country is among the 111 surveyed.

It's been a while since I last spoke English, so I decide to warm-up by speaking once I arrive in Bonot town.

Problem: Eliza continues to speak French, and we communicate in both languages ​​at the Henri-Vinay estate.

Under the sometimes bemused gaze of the locals. But sarcasm doesn't kill, now it's time to face the tourism experts and see if they're up to the task… and so are we!

An exchange with German tourists

Under pressure at departure, we eventually manage to fool our people with enough ease. The more we speak English, the easier and more natural it seems.

During a visit to the Crozatier Museum, in the restaurant or in the shops, everything goes smoothly.

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The icing on the cake was meeting two German tourists who strengthened our English skills.

The target has been achieved

The target has been achieved (Mission Accomplished, Editor's Note) And since it's not my habit to advance implicitly, it's a surprising statement to say the least.

My hours watching matches and series in English are not wasted.