February 25, 2024


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Saint-Livrate-sur-Lat.  Linguistic exchanges in an English pub context

Saint-Livrate-sur-Lat. Linguistic exchanges in an English pub context

At 44, rue Nationale de Sainte-Livrade, there is a different establishment, Le Lien, intermediate, quiet, relaxed and friendly and especially friendly.

You can enjoy local beers (in moderation), fresh homemade juices, but also quality cuisine prepared by Marie-Claude.

Open since 2018, Le Lien has added a new string to its bow: twice a week (Thursday 6pm and Saturday 4pm), linguistic exchanges are organized around tapas or fish and chips.

“We noticed that many British people frequented our company, and they instinctively distanced themselves from the French speakers, and it was this observation that prompted us to create dialogue and sympathy between these two communities. , Karaoke or other activities, the French should advance in the language of Shakespeare, and the English in Moliere. The aim is to master the language”, explains Marie-Claude about the origin of the initiative.

So every Thursday and Saturday from November 16th we can come and relax and share some time in a pure pub style atmosphere.

“Many ideas, such as cooking or otherwise “Franco-English” question/answer games, are still being explored to facilitate the reconciliation of the two cultures,” continues Marie-Claude.

During the first edition of this Franco-British afternoon, about ten people enjoyed the event and promised to come back for the next events.

During these language exchanges, tapas are available, and more information is available on 07 71 78 77 00.

or on www.le-lien47.fr

The Annex is located at 44 rue Nationale.