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Second hand cars. English giant Casuos arrives in France – L’argus PRO

Casuo Used Car Market France

This guarantees that there will be particularly fierce competition in the second hand car market in France and Europe. In fact, the giant Kazuo who has already set milestones in France Acquisition of Drover Company (Vehicle subscription offer), has formalized its arrival in the French market. Expert in selling used cars among individuals announces its deployment in Germany, which took a place with the acquisition of Clono earlier this year, which also offers a car subscription site. Founded in 2018 by British businessman Alex Chesterman, Kazuo has quickly established itself as one of the leading shareholders in online used car sales in the UK. It claims to have sold more than 45,000 used cars in the country since its introduction two years ago.

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The first customer center in 2022

Casuo Used Car Market
Cazoo, which began developing its network of customer centers in 2020, has 22 physics sites in the UK and eventually expects 30 to 40 centers.

The British company (currently 22), which relies on physics centers in the UK, has been 100% supportive of the digital model in its first months of operation in France. The first customer center is set to open in France next summer. The company plans to close the area About thirty sites for a long time. “Cazoo owns and refurbishes all its cars to the highest standards before delivery in a few days., Informs the reporting company that there are hundreds of cars available on the French site. Buyers have 7 days. Try the car as if it were at home and make sure they are happy in it. Otherwise, Cazoo is coming to pick it up for free. Every cassock car in France comes with a 7 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty..

A group of 3,800 people

Casuo Used Car Market France
Much like sports sponsorship, Casu is the jersey sponsor of two football clubs in the UK (Everton and Aston Villa).

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange since August 2021, Cazoo has raised over $ 800 million. “Strengthening its brand and infrastructure and transforming the experience of buying and selling cars in the mainland of the UK and Europe. “Since its inception, the site has invested heavily in strengthening its visibility and reputation, especially in sports sponsorship (football, rugby, golf, etc.). Kazu has relied on an international team of more than 3,800 people. England, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The operator in Spain has acquired SwipCar, a company that specializes in car subscriptions, as well as acquisitions made in France and Germany. The group shows its purpose “As it expands in the coming months it will expand its list to thousands of cars across Europe and add many features to its offer, such as retrieving used cars online with individuals. (Solution now offered by most market players in France), Opportunity to finance your car or an all-inclusive monthly car subscription. In the French market, the company did not state its intentions for the 2022 financial year.

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Second hand market developed by powerful groups

The second-hand market is also growing, especially under the inspiration of solid international players, as it shows strong growth in France, which is set to reach the 6 million mark for the first time. So, this summer Carnext concluded a 400 million fundraiser with the Investors Association. Purchased in October by Constellation Automotive Group, To create “Europe’s largest vertically integrated digital market for used cars”. Aramis Group, owned by Stellandis, formalized its initial public offering in Euronext Paris in June. The German group Auto1 pushed its AutoHero brand (PSG’s partner in France) into major European markets last year. Other players, such as Czech Driverama, have ambitions in the second hand market in Europe.

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